Shipping & Packaging

Why does the box have another logo on it?

We like to re-use boxes to cut down on waste, from time to time your package may arrive with other markings on it. Don't worry the internal packaging on items is new and hygenic.


Why isn't next day delivery/faster delivery an option?

Each batch is made to order as some of our items do not contain preservatives. This means we don't have ready to go items that can be quickly boxed up and shipped. We try and get items out to customers as soon as possible.


Why is my item packaging not the same as the photo?

We try to keep packaging consistent, however, due to using different suppliers you may see minor packaging changes such as a black lid instead of a white one.

Is your packaging envirometally friendly?

Along with re-using cardboard shipping boxes, the majority of the product packaging is recyclable and is some cases compostable!

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we currently only ship in the UK, though we hope to ship over seas in the future.


Is your glitter plastic free?

Yes all the glitter used is biodegradable, plastic free and vegan friendly.


Why are the colours different?

All of our products are handmade and therefore will have slight differences in size, shape and colour from the pictures. Each batch is made to order.

Are your items Vegan?

All our items are Vegetarian friendly (and cruelty free) and most are Vegan too. Please check the description box on each item as it will state if it is Vegan or not.
We do not have the official Vegan symbol yet but we will in the future.

Are your products assessed?

Yes. Our products follow a strict certification process in the UK and are tested before they are added to our site. If you have any questions regarding any of our products please get in touch using the form on our Contact Us page.